Statistical Disclosure Control

We are pleased to announce that we have now made a new in-house course “Statistical Disclosure Control with R” available to our clients as part of our In-House Training Services. The course is focused on providing governmental and non-governmental organisations, researchers, private companies and other bodies involved in processing and analysis of socio-economic microdata with an independent source of knowledge on quantifying disclosure risks and application of specific SDC techniques to reduce a potential disclosure threat.

Our experience in Statistical Disclosure Control comes from a practical implementation of anonymisation methods applied to highly-sensitive research datasets, medical data and governmental microdata with a large amount of disclosive, socio-demographic and identifiable information. The course will help interested organisations in designing internal SDC workflows to safeguard personal or business data as required by the Data Protection Act 1998, European Community law and soon General Data Protection Regulation.

More details on the “Statistical Disclosure Control with R” in-house training course are available on our In-House Training Services web page. Please Contact Us should you have any questions regarding this or other Mind Project’s courses.

New in-house course: Statistical Disclosure Control with R
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