Time Series Analysis with R/Python
Time Series Analysis with R/Python

Our new in-house course “Time Series Analysis” addresses an array of issues traditionally concerned with statistical analysis of time series data and provides solutions through a set of efficient mathematical and machine learning approaches in either R or Python programming languages.

During this training course your analysts will be provided with practical skills in wrangling, processing, exploratory analysis and forecasting time series data using specialised R or Python libraries e.g. ts, prophet, forecast and zoo for R or pandas, statsmodels, SciPy and scikit-learn for Python.

Please note that the recommended duration of this course is minimum 3-5 full days and we advise that all days of the training are spread across 3-4 weeks to allow more practice time and higher retention of skills.

We may customise and design this course to your specific requirements, e.g. by implementing other relevant statistical methods or by using small subsets of your own internal data during practical and exercise sessions.

You may read more about this in-house training course at our In-House Training Courses or please Contact Us should you have any questions regarding this or our other in-house statistical computing training services.

New in-house course: Time Series Analysis with R/Python
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