We have just launched a new Mind Project website and also changed the home domain to https://www.mindproject.io. This change will allow us to reach out to our customers and clients based in Europe and other countries. Also, by obtaining additional SSL certificates, our website has now become fully-compliant with most modern e-commerce standards and provides a safe and private environment for our customers to purchase our products and services through online payment systems.

Please note that our previous email addresses ending with @mindproject.co.uk e.g. the general enquiry alias: info(at)mindproject.co.uk, are still supported, but they won’t be advertised on any online or printed marketing materials in the future and we strongly encourage you to use our new e-mail addresses ending with @mindproject.io.

We also encourage you to get familiar with our Privacy Policy and Cookies information.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our website.

New year, new website
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