You have probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a well-chosen and smartly-designed data visualisation can convey a message of even greater value. At Mind Project we can help you communicate your research findings and business intelligence in commercially effective and visually attractive way. We will work with you to structure your presentation or a report and fill it with convincing data-driven visualisations to enable you to narrate your story to the shareholders or other major decision makers within your organisation.

    • Custom-made dashboards and in-house visualisation tools. Depending on your particular requirements and available data sources in your organisation, we can offer you a wide selection of visualisation tools from our ready-made affordable plugins / extensions / macros for popular (and sometimes free-of-charge) statistical and business intelligence applications to more refined, custom-made visualisation dashboards tailored to your business needs and specific budget restrictions.

    • Third-party tools. We are able to provide efficient and quick data visualisation solutions using third-party software and tools e.g. Tableau, Shiny etc. For most of our projects we offer custom-made visualisation scripts in R or other programming languages depending on needs, specific data storage facilities and other technical solutions already used by our clients.

    • Data analytics and visualisations. Our data visualisations do not only present the information graphically. They also enhance the understanding of the applied robust statistical methods. By combining both approaches our visualisation tools can provide your organisation with a powerful data-driven evidence and may help you decide to adopt a new business strategy or improve selected key performance indicators.

    • Training in data visualisation techniques. If you prefer to create your own data visualisation tools internally, we would be happy to be a part of this process by sharing our expertise through open-to-public or in-house training courses and events. Please go to Data Science Training for more details.