"Machine Learning with Python" - a 6-week instructor-led, live online course starting Thursday, 3rd of November 2022

Learn the foundations of Machine Learning methods with Python. Apply dimensionality reduction, clustering, classification, and powerful ensemble algorithms to predict social, financial, retail and health data using the Python programming language. Put skills to practice during this hands-on six-week instructor-led, live training course. Discounts for students, researchers, NGOs/charities and NHS employees available. Read more and register directly via our website.

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Our In-House Data Science & Statistical Computing Training Courses


Data Science Training

Data Science Training

From short in-house 3-day bootcamp style training courses to bespoke long-term learning programmes in statistical computing (R, Python, SQL), data science and Big Data tools (Hadoop and Spark) delivered at your business premises.

Big Data Consultancy

Big Data Consultancy

Whether it’s an unusually large or messy data set, real-time streaming financial/sales data or a complex database, we will help you choose and implement the most effective solutions based on your specific needs and budget limitations.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI

Independent quantitative data analysis and software engineering services including design and optimisation of Machine Learning algorithms and implementation of cutting-edge Data Mining and AI techniques.

Data Visualisations

Geo-Spatial and Temporal Modelling

Implement multivariate geo-spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal analytical and predictive models to gain in-depth knowledge and forecast events and behaviours in space and time.

Socio-Demographic and Behavioural Analytics

Socio-Demographic and Behavioural Analytics

Explore, understand, predict and modulate behaviours of your customers. Make evidence-based decisions to improve customer experience and your operations.

Statistical Disclosure Control

Statistical Disclosure Control for Microdata

Use statistical and machine learning methods to protect the safety of your data collections. Restrict the access to personal and sensitive data with minimal information loss.

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