At Mind Project Ltd we offer our customers four major types of services concentrated around modern Data Science and Analytics. Our offer is addressed to small, medium and large organisations and we are equally happy to co-operate with local organisations or international enterprises. The scope of our services includes:

    • Business and Predictive Analytics – e.g. interpretation of customer surveys, data mining, sentiment analysis, customer journey analysis, financial and non-financial product/services KPIs, design of customer experience online and offline measurements, trends and paths analysis, ethnographic and socio-demographic analysis of customers, geo-spatial analysis and mapping etc.

    • Big Data consultancy – e.g. we can help you with setting up of the Big Data infrastructure or make the most of your current architecture and optimise your analytical workflows. We are able to analyse large, complex and multiple data sets as well as (near) real-time, streaming data and textual, unstructured data.

    • Data Visualisations – we provide professional data visualisation services. Whether you need a clear and user-friendly infographic for your website or an interactive data dashboard to explore your Management Information figures or fluctuations of the financial market data, we would be happy to offer you our expertise and skills.

    • Data Science and Statistical Computing Training Courses and Events – participation in our Data Science and Statistical Computing courses is a great opportunity for everyone, who knows that in currently highly-competitive world, business intelligence, knowledge and access to reliable, evidence-based information really matter. Whether you are a data scientist, researcher, insight manager or executive director, our courses will make your decision making process much easier and you will learn to understand the processes and statistical methods applicable to data collected by your organisation.