Mind Project Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales under a company no. 08695628. We are based in London, but we carry out our business services nationwide and also internationally.

Mind Project was set up in response to the market demand of high quality unbiased, vendor-independent and flexible Big Data and Machine Learning consultancy. Our company consists of a number of independent data scientists, data engineers, database architects and software developers including current university lecturers, tutors, postdoctoral researchers, advanced Ph.D. students and industry professionals. We co-operate with major universities in the East Anglia and Greater London areas. Our employees and consultants have expertise in such industries as telecommunication, finance, banking, retail, marketing, social science, and education. We are also flexible in accommodating clients carrying their businesses in other fields.

Microsoft BizSpark Startup


Mind Project Ltd is a Microsoft supported start-up business through the BizSpark Programme.


Should you have any questions about our company, please contact us directly. Also, for recent news about our company check out our News section.

We have already helped many organisations in their Big Data and Predictive Analytics activities. Some of our clients are shown below:


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