We help our clients to recognise and appreciate the meaning of data science and statistical learning in their respective industries and within the internal processes of their organisations. At Mind Project we believe that this knowledge will help you make critical decisions and grow your business faster by developing the skillset of your analytics team, automating data processing workflows and implementing data-driven insights during the product manufacture cycle or service provision. In order to provide you with these essential statistical computing and data science skills, we designed a number of enjoyable and intellectually stimulating training courses and data-related events.

    • Open-to-Public Tutor-Led Online Training Courses – Instructor-led, interactive, online training courses which explore major concepts of data management, statistics and data visualisations, combined with computational methods in data analysis by introducing attendees to leading statistical tools and data science programming language such as R, Python, Scala, Java or MatLab.

    • In-House Training – We offer flexible training solutions depending on your requirements. We encourage you to discuss your specific areas of interest and skill gaps in order to provide a bespoke data science training. We are able to deliver our data analysis, Big Data processing, machine learning or data visualisation training services to businesses and organisations of any size. We can provide our training courses to clients based anywhere, either as online instructor-led courses, or based at your premises.

Should you want to learn more about our events, please visit our Training & Events Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly to discuss all available training options.