For many medium and large organisations, processing, management and analysis of Big Data has now become a reality and a pre-requisite of business success and satisfactory customer service. Although ‘Big Data’ is not a new concept, it is now when organisations and governments must build sufficient capacity and infrastructure to harness explanatory and predictive powers of data they store. This will then allow them to make better decisions and to plan evidence-based and data-driven strategies. However, most companies still find it hard to collect, store and analyse large and complex data. Investments in Big Data architecture and processing algorithms will undoubtedly put your organisation at the forefront of the Big Data (r)evolution and will give you a substantial advantage over your major competitors on the market.


At Mind Project Ltd we share our knowledge and expertise in deployment of Big Data infrastructure, workflows and procedures at all stages of a data product cycle: data collection, data storage, data management, data analysis and data output/product e.g. an application, software, database, dashboards or visualisations. More specifically, we can help you achieve the following Big Data related projects:


Big Data Management, Processing and Data Quality

In typical data workflows, data management, pre-processing and data wrangling activities often account for over 80-90% of total project time. These operations are especially challenging for large or complex collections of data.
In order to ensure high data quality and excellent data curation standards of our clients, we may help you to:

  • Collect, store and analyse large amounts of customer data in SQL/NoSQL databases or distributed files systems (e.g. HDFS),
  • Store, update, curate and manage millions/billions of documents in a catalogue,
  • Set up and migrate your existing relational databases to other alternatives (e.g. NoSQL) and integrate your existing or future data storage systems with cutting-edge data processing tools for Big Data,
  • Perform data wrangling and pre-processing tasks of large collections using Big Data engines e.g. Spark or Hadoop,
  • Link large deposits of archival data with new, near real-time or multivariate (e.g. geo-spatial) datasets.
RStudio - exploratory data analysis


Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning

We specialise in implementation of statistical, machine and deep learning methods for predictive analytics on complex, multivariate or large datasets. Our services focus on resolving both software and hardware related issues and they include:

  • Independent assessment of your current analytical resources and unbiased recommendation of specific open-source or proprietary tools for your Big Data analytics needs,
  • Creating bespoke machine and predictive analytics algorithms depending on your computational resources and target outcomes,
  • Implementation of cutting-edge advanced machine and deep learning methods for specific classification, customer segmentation, clustering and/or forecasting purposes,
  • Training solutions in Big Data predictive analytics and advanced data science topics tailored to your current or planned operations and business requirements.


Data-Driven Products and Decision Making

The ultimate goal of our Big Data services is to provide your organisation with a Big Data architecture and/or statistical models which will enable you to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions. Our areas of expertise and previous Big Data projects and products include:

  • Creating interactive Management Information dashboards to integrate data from several departments and multiple products/services,
  • Analysis, visualisations, model development and deployment of high-dimensional electricity and gas smart meter readings data of thousands of households linked with large supplementary socio-demographic datasets,
  • Text mining and analysis on large social media websites to cluster the customers, match online store products and predict targeted advertising campaigns,
  • Analysis and prediction of customer behaviours using combined geo-spatial, socio-demographic and time series data.


Apart from the above, there are many other cases where we can apply our Big Data consultancy services and open-source or proprietary data science tools to help you manage and analyse large, complex or streaming data. Please contact us with your specific requirements or just to discuss your particular project.