Modern web applications, smart phones, social media and smart cards/meters allow organisations to collect and aggregate vast amounts of consumer or user data. This information benefits private and public stakeholders and enable them to dynamically adjust their operations and services based on the obtained models and metrics that may include socio-demographic descriptors and geo-spatial data.


Why? and How? of behaviours

How and Why questions

By applying concepts, theories, models and research findings from experimental, social and cognitive psychology and neuroscience combined with advanced machine learning and data mining techniques, we are able to explore and explain complex decision-making processes that are responsible for specific behaviours of individuals and groups. Apart from answering typical ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ questions, we are also capable of estimating motives, reasons (‘why’) and mechanisms (‘how’) of one’s behaviours and actions.


Explain and predict behaviours and their consequences

In-depth behavioural analytics provides your organisation not only with a granular knowledge about socio-demographic background of your clients, customers, users, or patients, but also with a thorough understanding of their reasoning and patterns of behaviour. This, in turn, gives you an opportunity to implement powerful models that enable you and your organisation to:

  • Carry out and apply early interventions to prevent, modulate or alter unwanted behaviours,
  • Plan for seasonal or potentially incidental irregularities in events and behaviours,
  • Target specific customer and user groups of certain socio-demographic and behavioural characteristics with appropriate information and content,
  • Forecast campaign and operational results based on predicted behavioural outcomes of socio-demographic groups of interest.
Behavioural Analytics


Collect, anonymise, aggregate, explain, model!

Customer behaviour analysis

Mind Project can help you in:

  • Secure capturing, integrating, anonymising, processing, cleaning, aggregating and collating granular socio-demographic and behavioural data,
  • Preparing the aggregated and anonymised data for secondary analysis and machine learning or AI techniques, including any feature engineering and potential data linkage e.g. with geo-social or spatio-temporal data,
  • Extracting meaningful behavioural information, tracking and analysing customer/user decision-making process and explaining it with regard to your operational activities such as marketing/information campaigns, product portfolio, changes in your business operations or sales strategy,
  • Modelling, forecasting and evaluating future customer and user behaviours and understanding their potential feedback on your operations,
  • Translating derived behavioural model findings to shape and adjust your organisational, brand and product campaigns and interventions.


Safety matters

All our data collection, aggregation, management and analysis processes are performed to the highest standards of data security and identity protection. Individual or household level information (if any) is processed on “cold” servers in a controlled (secure) environment only by analysts with current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. We are also happy to follow your internal data safety and protection guidelines and requirements. Should you be further interested in our services to strengthen the protection of your data using modern statistical and machine learning approaches, please read the page on Statistical Disclosure Control or contact us to discuss.

Data protection - safe room