In-house training courses
Tutor-Led Online Training Courses
Tutor-Led Training Courses in Data Science, ML and AI

Our highly-acclaimed open-to-public, online, and instructor-led training courses will provide you with skills and knowledge that you need.
Perfect for data analysts/scientists, researchers, post-docs or postgraduate students.

In-house training courses
In-House Training Courses in Data Science, ML and AI for Teams

Up-skill your data science team with cutting edge tools, methods and AI approaches.
Invest in training that really works.
From short 1-, 2-, and 3-day courses to multi-week bespoke programmes.
Contact us for details.

Big Data Engineering
Big Data & Data Engineering at Scale Consultancy

Implement modern Data Engineering solutions for your Big Data models and products.
We help you choose and deploy the best tools on the market and customise them for your specific needs and data streams.

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Live Courses Run


Corporate Clients


Attendees Trained

Live Expert Tuition

All our tutor-led open-to-public training courses are presented live by industry experts. You are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the topic with our tutor.

Practical Learning

Through our exercises, short coding tasks and mini-projects, we will put your skills into practice from day 1 to ensure best learning outcomes.

Interactive & Personal

We implement a mixture of teaching methods and tools to enhance interaction between tutors and attendees e.g. weekly live webinars, weekly 1-to-1 catch-ups and practical exercises.

Trusted & Appreciated

Our courses have been highly rated by all our clients, whether individuals or large organisations. Your satisfaction and growth is our best reward.

Focused & To-The-Point

With our guidance and your focus, our courses deliver what they promise. Our hands-on courses provide you with practical skills you need without wasting your time.

Support & Extended Guidance

During the course, you can contact our tutor with any questions you may have. And even after the course, we will happily guide you if you need our help.

Our Upcoming Open-to-Public Tutor-Led Data Science & ML/AI Training Courses

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Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Courses for Teams

Off-the-shelf or bespoke specialised courses and comprehensive training programmes in data science, statistical computing, Machine Learning and AI, MLOps, Big Data and Data Engineering with popular open-source programming languages e.g. Python, R, Java, Scala, leading Cloud computing architecture (e.g. Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure) and analytical tools/engines (e.g. Databricks, Spark, Hadoop).

Selected In-House Data Science & AI Training Courses for Teams

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